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Tsaodran feature guide by SamSilver-chan92
Tsaodran feature guide


Tsaodran feature guide description


Tsaodrans are a very peaceful species, rarely getting in battles with other animals or with the ones of their own kind. They can be found in the largests woods and forests, in the south-western china, japan, india, etc; Asian forests and woods in general; in small groups. In its "animal" form, the Tsaodran is slightly larger than a domestic cat, It feeds mainly on bamboo and leafs, but its can also eat eggs and insects; Their humanoid appearence is called "Guardian". It spends most of its time in the trees and when in mating season, the male displays his beautiful colorful fur to find a female. When found the female, they mate for life, having a litter of 2-3 cubs every spring. The Male is the one who spends most of the time with the cubs after they leave the nest to explor.

Tsaodrans are viewed as protectors of nature and life, as well as bringers of good-luck and soul-confidents, and their habitat is mostly bambu forests and woods, but they can also live alongside humans, but in a condition: they need to be respected. If respected and well-treated, the Tsaodran will bring good luck and prosperity to the household and family members, along with a life-bonding to the human it likes the most; but if the Tsaodran is ignored and badly treated, if not abused, it will open the doors to all the plages it have been protecting the household from, along with bad-luck for generations and leaving the house forever, even if the family begs for the Tsaodran to stay. 

Upon dying, the Tsaodran's spiritual energy will stay at the place where it died, making the surrounding life grow bigger and stronger. (ex. If a Tsaodran dies in a human house, the energy containing all the good luck will stay within the household, turning the place sacred, pure and protected), later on, the Tsaodran spirit will reencarnate in another body.

Lifespan: 100-200 years. A house Tsaodran will live for several generations, and their offspring will live with the same family or search for another or even go back to the woods/forest.
Body length: 50cm in animal form.
Height: 35cm in animal form, 1.10m in guardian form.
Tail length: In animal form is almost the same length as the body; in guardian form is half 
the length of the body.

Features not included:

:bulletyellow: Uncommon
- Too short, Long, curled, puffy Manes
- More than 2 rings on arms/legs (female only)
- More than 3 rings on tail(males only)
- Mixed markings(but its possible), white horns.
- Sometimes the markings merge with the "socks", resulting in sometime like "spotted legs" or "socks with holes"

:bulletblue: Rare
- Shaped markings, redish/orange colored horns.
- Pink, red, dark, double-colored iris, heterochromia colored eyes.
- Mane extended to the head(like hair).
- scarves, hoods, masks, capes, gloves, long chinese quimonos/robes as accessories.(house-tsaodrans only.)

:bulletpurple: Legendary
- Gold, violet colored eyes
- Festive masks as accessory
- Auras

:bulletred: Illegal
- Third eye
- More than 3 tails
- big claws, long fangs, shark teeth.
- Double antlers.
- Any type of wings: bird, dragon/bat or insect.
- Jewels of any kind
- Scales, feathers, flowers or crystals growing out of the body.
- Dark magic.
- No tail, mane or markings on tail/arms/face.
Freedom Fighters: Next Gen. + Villain by SamSilver-chan92
Freedom Fighters: Next Gen. + Villain
More oc's!!
I had to, I wanted to give Simon his own team ^^

So, here they are(some of them + one enemy)

1º - Yukiko the Japanese Fox(Simon's best friend); Zack the Fruit-bat(ZonicxAmy, Simon's adopted brother)

2º - Chloe the Hedgehog (ScourgexFiona); Arashi the Japanese Wolf(first enemy, seen here when he first meets Simon)

3º - Blade the Hedgehog(friend's oc); Maria Selena(King Shadow x Queen Sally Alicia...please don't kill me *runs from Shadow's fans*)

Bios of each character coming soon
and two new characters

Characters by :iconsamsilver-chan92: moi~~
Blade by :iconmaxkeith:, a friend of mine ^^ WELCOME TO DEVIANTART 8D

Don't steal, I'll track you down >8)

Fairy Tail AU: Eliotropes by SamSilver-chan92
Fairy Tail AU: Eliotropes
Headcanon: Natsu was raised by Igneel(like in the real story) after he found his Dofus. Natsu's dragon twin brother is Happy(yeah, I know XD) and after Igneel's disapearence, Natsu started to travel around the world searching for him. Along the way(and years after), he joins the Guild Fairy Tail where he meets Erza(a Iop), Levy(Feca) and his future rival/friend Gray(a Cra)

After this he meets Lucy(a Ecaflip) and some time later Gajeel and Wendy, two Eliotropes just like him.

Unlike others Eliotropes, Natsu's portals have a reddish color that resembles fire and when he uses his full power, the markings on his body are Fire-red. On Gajeel is dark-blue and on Wendy is a very light-blue color

About the hats:

I really liked my second idea for Natsu's hat, and I think I'm going to stick with it ^^

At first I liked Wendy's hat, but then :iconpiku-chan: asked my attention for that because in this way, Wendy's wings could probably bee seen so, I'm still studying "the perfect hat" for her XDD

Gajeel....Gajeel.....Gajeel's perfect. Nothing more to say :33

Thanks again, :iconpiku-chan: ^^

Wakfu (c) Ankama
Fairy Tail, Natsu (c) Hiro Mashima
Art (c) moi :iconsamsilver-chan92:
New OC: Simon the Hedgehog ::Bio below:: by SamSilver-chan92
New OC: Simon the Hedgehog ::Bio below::
My new oc(I still need to finish my mobian-sona so...its my second oc ^^; ) From the "sonic the hedgehog" comics

Simon is from the comics of "Sonic the hedgehog, 30 years later arc" and is Amy's son(probably her only son)

This idea came up when I was re-reading this arc and then I though "it's strange, I wanted to see a grown-up Amy and if she has kids or not". So, I created Simon for this. But then I got me thinking that I didn't knew who Simon's father is, and as a joke I thought in Zonic the Zone Cop. I kept thinking on this until.....I BEGAN SHIPPING AMY WITH ZONIC FOR REAL D8 AND SIMON IS JUST LIKE ZONIC!! HEADCANOOOOOOONN!!!!

oh god, what have I done :iconfacepalmplz: (please don't kill me)


Complete character info:

General Information:

Full Name: Simon Rose
Nicknames: Sly, Tiny, Pinky, Si-chan
Age: 16 Mobian Years
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Team: Team Rose(Simon/Monty, Yukiko, Zack, Chloe)
Group Affiliations: New Freedom Fighters
Birthplace: Grand Forest
Current Residence: New Mobotropolis
Occupation(s): Team Rose leader, Hammerer of the New Freedom Fighters, Dimension Traveler junior, Zone Police officer/recruit.
Personal Quote: “I don't fight without a real reason”, "Do I/we really need to fight?"


Species: Hedgehog
Nationality: Mobian
Height: 1.20  
Eye Color: Emerald Green. When Simon changes into Monty, his eyes change to a darker green with hints of yellow. In this "condition" the pupils are feline like.
Fur Color: The majoraty of his fur is of a pastel pink, while his muzzle, arms and belly and chest are of a light peach toned.
Clothing Style: His style is a mix between stylish and confort. He wears short violet sleeveless jacket with white long lines, two black fingerless long-arm gloves and knee-high pinkish-red boots with black rings and soles(inspired by his mother's) with golden rings; in on of the boots he has a small ring where he keeps his staff/hammer. He arranges his spines with a red hair-band. He also have a light-brown belt where he keeps his smaller weapons and/or radio and communicator, along with other survival material.
Scars/Markings: None

Story: (under construction)  Amy meet Zonic after he refuged on the Prime Dimension after a battle, coming out wounded. Amy though he was Sonic so she didn't wonder why he was there. They spent many days together, and when Zonic discovered he was in love with Amy and decided to tell her the truth, she said she already knew, with the answer "after all...Sonic is engaged to Sally", but for Zonic's surprise she didn't cry but instead said that she fell in love with him.

After this, they married and had Simon, but in secret, for he is considered(in Zonic's dimension), a "Dimensional-mutation"(the result of two beings from diferent timelines/dimensions that came together as one)

During the Timeline-change, Zonic hided Amy and baby Simon in his own zone, saving them from erasing from history. During this and the first years there, Simon grew up and was tought how to fight by his father, under the name of Zimon and being Zonic's aprentice.
The only ones who know about Simon and his existence is Zector and Zespio(they love baby Simon ^^ )

Simon usually helps his father during some of his missions(Zonic gave him a costumized armor for him, by his 10th birthday), and he loves when Zonic compliments his good work. Simon often seeks his father's attention and the reason is because Zonic is not always near Simon(Zonic spent most of Simon's life on the Zone Dimension on missions, so his people wouldn't discovered that he had a kid with a Prime dimension's being and put the child in prison or worse. Zonic gathers "souvenirs" from his missions to give Simon afterwards), instead of Amy, who is always there for Simon(even if she often soffucate him).

Several years after, Amy found Zack between rumbles of a house after a battle and gave the "puppy eyes" to Zonic so she could "keep" him XD


Attitude: Mature(75%), sassy(10%), Nice(good boy), he's very cool and calm with everything(15%); sometimes(rarely) gets embarrassed(especially when his mother is "fangirling/overprotecting him" or Yukiko); Double-personality(sometimes he gets to hype too handle, like is mother; others Monty takes over and turns into an authentic rage-machine), too stubborn when he gets an idea; although people often say he gets flirty with the ladies, that's just him trying to be nice with them(he isn't flirty at all, he just looks like it, because of his nice and cool/chill personality. Instead he's a very good friend with the girls). Because of his cool and sassy personality, he can handle hyper/show-off people very well, he always have the right thing to say and makes the others with a blanck expression without anything to say or do, defeated.
He rarely cries, but if he does, is never in front of his friends/family, in silent and because he got really struck in his mind and heart.
When he was younger, he was hyperactive and liked to run everywhere and play with his father(when he had the time).
Favorite Foods: In majoraty is homemade food; spagheti with chili, and chili-dogs with alot of chili.
Likes: Singing, playing guitar, Music(rock, arabian, taichi), spending time with friends, reading for Zack, spending time with Zonic, calm and serene places/moments.
Dislikes: Playboys/womanizers, big concerts, bigs crowds, alot of noise, tight rules.
Fears: His major fear is that his father may die one day during a mission; and that Monty loose control of his powers and changes into a true killing-machine.

Family/Blood Relatives:

Father: Zonic the Hedgehog, the Zone Cop
Mother: Amy Rose the Hedgehog
Siblings: Zack Rose the Fruit-Bat
Cousins: Rob O'Hedge and family

+ Princess Sonia
+ Lara-su
+ Argyll
+ Yukiko
- Manic
- Melody
- Arashi the grey wolf: the first enemy Simon ever made, more like his nemesis. Arashi wants to make Simon pay for what he made to him in the past, when they meet for the first time.

Noticeable Partners:
+ Yukiko
+ Lara-su


Good: Mother(Amy), Father(Zonic), Princess Sonia(3 years apart in age), Lara-su(best friends) and Argyll(good adviser and friend), Yukiko the japanese white fox(she loves simon, and simon gets way too embarrassed around her) and his younger brother Zack.
Medium/Null: Maria Selena (shadow's daughter), Blade the hedgehog and Chloe the Hedgehog(scourge and fiona's daughter)
Bad/rivalry: Manic(quite the rival) and Melody Prower.

+ Because he was trained in martial arts since he was a child, he's very flexible and has a very good control over his movements. He likes to fight especially with his legs, doing spins to confuse and knock off his opponents.
+ Simon as a better sense of his surroundings then Monty, so, when Monty takes control of the body, Simon acts as a "co-pilot" to help guide Monty during fights, but only rarely;
- (continues) When Monty takes control of the body, usually Simon is put in a state like sleep, where when he "wakes up", he comes back confused and dizzy and with no memories of what happened.
- If he uses his speed too much, the adrenaline in his blood will intesify and Simon will become more and more hyper. As soon this happens, he will loose the sense of his sorroundings and acting without thinking, leaving him vulnerable to quick close-range attacks.
- The same happens when Monty takes his body and leaves Simon asleep. Monty only uses brute-force to fight and doesn't pay attention to his surroundings unless the enemy is too close, this way he can defend himself, but from long-range attacks he can't, as well from high-speed sneak-attacks.
- Altough Simon learned how to use lazer-guns from the zone cops, he prefers not to use them, not only because he doesn't like them but also because Simon has a very bad aim, and this is also for trowing knives. In resume, Simon is a better close-range fighter than long-range, while Monty is the contrary.

Abilities/Basic Skills: Super-speed(although he uses it rarely or in extreme cases), strength(from his mother), martial arts(learned from zonic).

Weapon Skills: A costumized robotic hammer(designed from Amy's hammer), he also knows how to use lazer-guns(although rarely uses them) and knives.

Simon Rose the hedgehog by :iconsamsilver-chan92: moi~~
There are 14 distinct types of cells in your body. the total number of cells is 50 trillion, give or take a few trillion, and every single one of those 14 types of trillions of cells are devoted to making you the unique, amazing, special person that you are

A message to everyone. You are all special and unique people. spread this around. I want to see how far this spreads though, so if you repost it, please do so with this text added to the bottom.

Originally taken from :iconviolet-hibine:
  • Mood: Tender
  • Listening to: Ghost screams
  • Reading: The Grim Reaper's book
  • Watching: People dying
  • Playing: With your bones
  • Eating: Your own flesh
  • Drinking: The blood of innocent children


SamSilver-chan92 has started a donation pool!
36 / 10,000
:star: Commissions Prices(now in money, exept for those with their request in WIP )

:star: Sketches - Free


:star: Chibi

:bulletblack: 1 Girl/Boy ---> 20$/1.50€
:bulletblack: + addictional character ---> + 10$/+ 1.00€

:star: Half Body

:bulletblack: 1 Girl/Boy ---> 25$/3.00€
:bulletblack: + addictional character ---> + 10$/1.50€

:star: Full body

:bulletblack: 1 Girl/Boy ---> 35$/4.50€
:bulletblack: + than 1 character --> + 10$/1.80€

Background 20$/5.00€

:bulletblack: Fanart --> look above to see the prizes

:star: Send me a note if you have a request

:star: I draw:
:bulletyellow: Boys
:bulletyellow: Girls
:bulletyellow: Anthros
:bulletyellow: Fantasy
:bulletyellow: Covers
:bulletyellow: Violence, death, gory things
:bulletyellow: Fanart and Oc's art
:bulletyellow: Homosexuality
:bulletyellow: Romantic Scenes(see below for more info)

:star: I don't draw:
:bulletred: Complete nudes(only waist up)
:bulletred: Sexual things(only hugs and stuff)
:bulletred: Animals
:bulletred: Realistic art
(if you see any of this above in my gallery, its just me sketching and for me only)

:star: Commissions list:

:iconsandcastler: -> Work in Progress
(50+20 :points: )

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